Cryptons API is one of the best and free APIs out there

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Features that you can get on our API

Fast Response

Detailed Response

Fast maintenance times

Clear Documentation

Crashed? It can auto reboot

Quick image rendering

Want more? Say no more

No API Key

No API key needed on any endpoint

Almost No Ratelimits

You get 100 requests / minute

Coded in NodeJS

Which means, it's not broken

Quick Response

Responds faster than your pc turns on

DDoS Protected

DDoSers be like: Am I a joke to you?

Quick Image Renders

It renders under a split second


What do numbers say about the Cryptons

Requests for API

Number of API keys

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Frequently Asked Questions

Look, I wrote in a line of code which auto reboots the code if it crashes but nothing can be impossible. I can ensure you that the APi if crashed will become online again in under 10 minutes. If it does not, you can always join the support server and ping me or dm me the problem.

Image endpoints are rendered through a package named canvas. Canvas takes time to process new image requests. The image endpoints are fast because the code caches the generated images. It is taking time/not loading means there is something wrong with the code.

Yes sure. You can join the support server and suggest there or click here.

No it isn't and am not looking forward to make it!


What users say about the API

The best API ever

Tejas Lamba#1924

Founder of Rainbow Studios and Owner of the API


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Every day in week.